How to Have a Successful Sleep Consult

If sleep isn’t going well in your household, you may be ready to reach out to a certified sleep consultant. Once you find one, your next step is to schedule a consultation with a sleep consultant. As a consultant, I want to help you be the most successful you can be and here’s some tips on what can help…


-Log your little one’s sleep, even if you don’t see a pattern. Knowing how long it took to sleep, knowing how long your little one slept, and what you did to get your child to sleep is really insightful.


-Keep track of your feeding schedule. Knowing if your little one eats at night and how often really helps give a great overall idea.


-Let me know your threshold for hearing your little one cry. Whatever it is, be honest. I’m not judging. If you cannot handle 3 minutes of crying, then I know which methods to not suggest for you… It’s really ok…


-Let me know what your child’s temperament is like. Does she fuss every time you put her down? Does she coo and giggle? How does she react to strangers? When she cries, is it just a protest or is she screaming bloody murder?


-Let me know if there are any changes coming up in your day to day life. Are you about to go on vacation? Have household guests?


All of this information helps me get to know you and your little one. The more I know, the more I can help and not waste your time. We both want the same thing… a peaceful night’s sleep and a happy, healthy, well rested child :)



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